EMSc (UK) Ltd

United Kingdom

EMSc (UK) Ltd is a UK energy solutions company which design and manufacture an innovative range of commercial energy management technologies. EMSc (UK) Ltd was formed in 2001, and has installed over 7,000 systems throughout the world, the company’s solutions are exported to over 20 countries and the client base includes landmark sites, large blue-chip companies, public sector estates, government and local authorities and SME’s across a range of industries.

  • EMSc (UK) Ltd was initially established as a consultancy business, providing timely and informed engineering support to companies looking at ways to reduce electrical energy consumption.
  • The company progressed to a solutions manufacturer, designing and engineering Powerstar fixed voltage optimisation systems, which provide a set level reduction across a predefined tap range. The optimised voltage matches the incoming profile, albeit by a set amount.
  • Due to the success of the Powerstar system and continued growth of the company, EMSc (UK) Ltd were accredited with the acclaimed ‘Made In Sheffield’ mark of manufacturing excellence, and presented with a number of awards including the ‘European DTI Smart Award’, the ‘Care4Air’ awards and the ‘Yorkshire Forward Innovation’ award.
  • Following advances in technology and continued product research and development, an electronic-dynamic (also referred to as variable) version of Powerstar (MAX) was launched to market. This intelligent system has the capability to optimise voltage to a set level and maintain the voltage at the defined set point (with a 2.5V fluctuation) to provide additional savings opportunities.
  • EMS were further for continued innovation and quality of their solutions with further awards including ‘Yorkshire innovation’ and the ‘PWC Yorkshire Private Business’ award.
  • The company continued to invest in product research, development and testing to launch further innovations to the market, and the result of this was the launch of a High Voltage (HV) electronic-dynamic solution (HV MAX). A combined solution of a super-low loss amorphous core transformer integrated with the Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation technology.
  • As a result of continued growth EMSc (UK) Ltd expanded to a new head office and manufacturing facility in North Sheffield which was officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg along with the Lord Mayor of Sheffield.
  • EMSc (UK) Ltd continued to receive accolades following the launch of HV MAX, with the company achieving ISO4001 and ISO9001 accreditations along with winning the ‘UKTI Exporter of the Year’ award, and the ‘Sheffield Business Award for Environmental Business of the year’.
  • As concerns grow around energy grids struggling to cope with the surge in demand for electricity and the proliferation of microgrids and localised networks, EMS invested in product innovation to launch the energy storage system, Virtue, to the market.

EMSc (UK) Ltd’s vision is on helping clients make their organization more energy efficient through cutting edge energy saving solutions. The company is focused on providing the best engineering solution for each client and provides a bespoke manufacturing and turnkey project management service to adopt a full concept to completion approach for each client, and to ensure maximum savings and efficiencies are achieved. The company invests in continued research & development to offer pioneering solutions to clients, which are fully designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards.

Role in InteGRIDy:
EMSc will act as a supplier of 15 Virtue-EV stations with 60kWh’s (each) of integrated energy storage that will be grid tied and connected to a B.T exchange Telecom site. This will allow B.T to charge up to 30 vehicles simultaneously without having detrimental strain on the local electrical network, or forcing the network to be upgraded, resulting in large costs. The unit will run alongside renewable PV in order to provide extra energy to the batteries in order to reduce the overall reliance of the charging stations on the Isle of Wight Grid Network. EMS will supply and connect the hardware as well as provide a DSR (Demand Side Response) platform, whereby local/ national aggregators can take control of the unit, and provide demand side management services such as load lopping, Firm Frequency Response, Short Term Operating Reserve and other DSR incentives.
The basic workings of the system relies on storage of the off – peak “night time” energy and usage of this energy during the day when the rapid chargers are required. Solar will also act as a top up ensuring that the solar energy is used in the most efficient manner. When the rapid charger is operated, the battery modules will be used directly, without need for the grid to charge the car, either through direct DC, or through an inverter to have an AC output (below 3% THD). This will help push the EV market into the Isle of Wight, by allowing rapid chargers to be installed without the need for considerable network upgrades. The Virtue-EVs on board computer manages and predicts the available energy from Renewables, so that in a scenario where the charger is aware that it cannot provide 100% charging capability for the car(s), the unit will either take from the grid, ensuring that maximum demand is never exceeded or disable rapid charging and enable fast or slow charging, in the rare event that no storage is available and the capacity of the supply is close to being reached. At times where no cars are using the charging points, or if the car batteries are full, the stored energy in the Virtue-EV system can instead be diverted to the facility in order to provide demand response services, peak shaving/ load lopping and UPS for the entire site or certain critical loads.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 731268