WATT+VOLT S.A. is a Greek company providing integrated electricity services. The highly-experienced and qualified professionals of WATT+VOLT and its systematic investment in research and development of new products and services, account for a rapidly growing and highly innovative electricity provider. In WATT+VOLT, we contribute towards the efficient use and conservation of electricity, the overall reduction of electricity cost and the monitoring of the customers’ energy footprint. WATT+VOLT provides electricity to 12.000 households, corporations and businesses in the Greek interconnected grid. Furthermore, the company has been a pioneer in the smart metering section in Greece, having installed the first smart meter since 2012.
Energy management: Our primary objective is to engage energy users to understand more about energy consumption, change their consumption habits and the way they act, live and behave towards energy, by adopting a sustainable way of life. Our WATT+VOLT Energy Management platform is an innovative tool, constantly upgraded and developed according to our client’s needs, offering integrated control and management services. WATT+VOLT Energy Management is an essential added-value service, adjusted to individual appropriate needs and a cost-effective solution for companies and organizations. Smart power – smart home: In order to gather valuable information and data on how residential consumers react and interact with devices, after having installed a smart meter, we installed gratis 300 smart meters as a trial program at consumers that have already chosen WATT+VOLT as electricity provider. We are already developing a new SMART HOME platform with widgets, add-ons and applications that are focused on Home Automation and are currently in beta version. Combining and coordinating all these smart devices and products available in the market, we are designing a powerful and flexible platform that will contain all the key features. Instant energy information is key to successful home and business energy management in order to save money and planning the budget.

Smart power:

  • Track energy use by day, week, month and year;
  • Compare the energy you use to similar homes;
  • View ecotips to reduce energy costs;
  • Connect and fully control all your devices to fit your lifestyle and achieve lower energy costs and better budgetin.

Role in InteGRIDy:
Watt & Volt will lead the Greek pilot in Thessaloniki giving access to different type of residential buildings with various costumer profiles. All the dwellings are part of WVT’s portfolio, already equipped with smart meters, allowing real-time monitoring or energy consumption, and are planned to be further extended with more IoT multi-sensorial infrastructures. Also a basketball court of the largest football club of Thessaloniki as well as a multi-storey hotel (Macedonia Palace) will be involved with increased energy demands.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 731268