Starting a collaboration with sister project CHESS SETUP!

inteGRIDy is related to other EU funded projects focusing on seeking energy efficiency and self-sufficiency in buildings. We cross-promote and disseminate our projects and actions together. More specifically, inteGRIDy has recently started a collaboration with CHESS SETUP.

The main CHESS SETUP objective is to design, implement and promote a reliable, efficient and profitable system able to supply heating and hot water in buildings mainly from renewable sources. The proposed system is based on an optimal combination of solar thermal energy production, seasonal heat storage and the use of highly efficient heat pumps. The system operation will be optimized according to some external factors, as the electricity price or the users' requirements by using a smart control and management systems developed specifically for the project.

A pilot site is the Rambla del Celler sports center in Sant Cugat city, the same as inteGRIDy's pilot. inteGRIDy pilot will be collaborating with CHESS SETUP team as it will complement CHESS SETUP system, integrating to the control system an energy intensive equipment (dehumidification plant) and more energy production (photovoltaic with battery). The goal is to optimize the energy consumption of the building based on network signals.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 731268